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Although the band may have ended, Allstar Weekend will always be part of me.

This blog ended on 8/5/13

the boys & me


Thanks for the memories


Thanks for the memories

A Final Farewell 

I think now that Allstar Weekend is officially over, it’s a good place to say goodbye to this blog. Allstar Weekend really did change my life and I’ve been a solid fan since ‘09. I’ll continue to love the boys until the very end, no matter where their musical preferences take them in the future. I’ve met some amazing fans through this tumblr and I will truly miss you guys. Allstar Weekend, I wish you tremendous success and I expect to see you at a concert or two down the road. You’re forever a part of me. I love you guys. -Taylor

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I have been m.i.a for the past 10 years. Has the mint DVD come out? Link me if it has?!!

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Did the mint DVD come out yet???? 

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hey guys :)

now that i’ve got your attention

please take 5 seconds and hear me out

So I applied for a modeling contest

and basically i’m doing it to help girls like me, who aren’t naturally built for modeling to gain self confidence.

Literally it would take NO TIME for you to click here and press “vote for me!” on the top left of my profile. 

It would mean the world to me!!!!!

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ya gotta love cameron’s selfies

ya gotta love cameron’s selfies

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This time & every time I just can’t get enough of you...

This time & every time I just can’t get enough of you...

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umagarotaeseuguardachuva asked » "I love your blog"

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zacscottysnl asked » "Your Allstar Weekend gifs are flawless. haha"

thank you <3

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dreamofthebands asked » "i am in love with your account like omg. Hey if i can ask, how do you make gifs x-x sorry. LOVE YOUR ACOCUNTTXXXXXXXX"

thank you so much! i use photoshop cs6 currently, you can google tutorials!

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